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Health Tips



From a Christian perspective our bodies are living machinery that was designed by God himself. Every function has a purpose to keep the body in peak condition.

As humans we fall short of our responsibility and hence the need for so many medical institutions and pharmaceuticals. Most of us are guilty.

Today with all the advertising, making the unhealthy foods attractive, we are struggling to be stick to basic principles.

For instance, no one would wash their plates in soft drinks. However lots of us choose to do that with our bodies. Stop and consider the importance of water for us humans.

Water is essential in good health. Its uses are quenching thirst; assist the various bodily functions and systems. It helps to resist disease. We need it for bathing, inhalations and cleanliness.

Water taken with meals diminishes the flow of the salivary glands. Iced water can affect digestion.

Best to have the water at least 20 minutes before the meal and best to wait at least 60 mins after a meal.

Filtered water is best to lessen the heavy metals in tap water. Try and start the day with a glass of room temperature water to cleanse the system. Warm water is fine.

Consume 8 glasses a day with out placing other substances in the water. Lots of flavourings can aid dehydration. Happy water drinking....

Dr Neil Medley on a healthy diet
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