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Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Phobias and Mental Illness etc

Dr Stevans, Dr Roberts, Dr Lee and Dr Osborne

What causes things to go wrong? Who do you go to when you are feeling awkward?

The trouble in society today is that we are often modified in our behaviour for fear of rejection. In doing so we limit a whole new world out there for our enjoyment. We worry about what will our friends think if I really tell them what's on my mind. What if I tell them that I am really scared to go out in public, they will think I am weird. So hence we hide behind many barriers and masks thinking that is our only course of action.

The fact is that most people in their lifetime have some form of illness, mood or condition that will restrict them from their potential.

In most cases help is there for the asking but it is the first step that is the most difficult. For example you are drinking more than is appropriate and now you are loosing days at work. Who do you discuss this with? Your boss, who you think my fire you, then where would you go? Your family who you think will not understand? Friends, well in many cases you choose friends with similar issues, they will ask you what is your issue. So hence the first step is difficult. in this scenario if you were able to work through this crisis the appropriate ways then result; boss will have a better employee who becomes more reliable, family already know the changes in you and would welcome the person back before the addiction, and finally your friends...well they will either grow with you or apart form you.

The guarantee is that your life would be much better once this issue is dealt with.

So face the challenges and issues in your life to enhance and reach your potential. Do this with the aid of trained staff and have a new beginning for a new way of life.

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Depression Dr Neil Medley 

Hosted by Gary Kent

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