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Doing Life Together

Who we are:

Helen Batcheldor Team Leader; Accredited Mental Health Nurse with the Aust College of Mental Health Nurses Inc

Groups: Helen has Phase One on mental health and has conducted groups on good mental health in previous years at various venues   Worked in all areas pertaining to mental health. The group will also be provided with education and practical skills by trained personnel in Phase Two and Three of the programme. Positive psychology, Lifestyle medicine, science of happiness, therapeutic interventions for whole being and goal setting by Natalie Chapman and Nathan Andreoli. Natalie works at Southlakes Medical Group as a counsellor. Nathan is the pastor of Wyee Church. He is enthusiastic and has a passion for people so together make a great team as they integrate their sessions.  Richard and Peta Morris are married. Richard has Phase Four and directs pottery and art sessions. Currently working in the Art dept of Avondale University. Peta hosts a Grief and Loss Programme   Works as a Chaplain in a hospital and schools. This team of professionals works well together to create a pleasant atmosphere with an integrative approach towards gaining optimal mental health.

All the DLT team members are devoted people who work towards the betterment of the participants. They are valued and appreciated.

Kellie Williams is the record keeper and secretary who has been a faithful and valued person to DLT support group for many years.

Support Team

Gloria Grosser is the assistant to Phase One who works efficiently to ensure optimum functioning. Music will also be incorporated, featuring Gloria mainly on the piano. This lady is an exceptional musician.

The food coordinator is Susan Thompson who has dedicated many years to ensure good food is provided to the attendees and Carol Twynham joined recently and assists, they have never disappointed.

Helpers from the Hub arrange the furniture and their efforts are appreciated. We are blessed with a great team.

Code of Conduct  

  • Modest dress

  • No strong language

  • Substance free

  • Self-respect and respect for the group members 

  • No negative or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated 

  • Be patient and thoughtful


Persons who do not respect the code may not be suitable and can be asked to leave the group


Did you know one in four Australians suffer from a mental health illness?

If you’re experiencing one of the following, then this is the group for you:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Crisis responses (natural disaster)

  • Low self-esteem

  • Problem socializing

  • Lonely or feeling lost

  • Chronic illness

  • Emotional challenges

  • Lack of creativity


Safe Environment

Image by Scott Graham


This is a non-pressured environment that you can feel safe in. Need to be over 18 years old for Phases 1-4 only.


Commencing 11th April -20th June 2024

Weekly on Thursdays

1pm-3pm for Phases 1-4

 3.15pm – 4.15pm for Grief and Loss(when available)

3.15 – 4.15pm In Search of Truth using the Bible

Both can be attended by suitable participants whether or not they attend the DLT support group. These sessions are extensions of the Doing Life Together Programme.

Those who attend a minimum of 12 hours will receive a certificate of attendance.   

How to Find us


Wyee Community Hub (currently under construction so meanwhile in brick structure behind the Hub


Doing Life Together

Sponsored by:

Wyee Community Hub, 

20 Gorokan Rd, Wyee NSW 2259

Near Wyee train station

President Barry Chapman

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