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Suffer from: anxiety, depression,addiction or an illness

Talk to our friendly staff by appointment.

Share your thoughts

Our Counsellors 

Sessions at the Wyee Community Hub are free.

Helen Batcheldor - Mental Health Nurse > You will need a GPMP from your GP or be a private patient. $120

Natalie Chapman - Counsellor; specialises in children although very happy to be involved with adults. $110

Jessica Batcheldor-West - Counselling> No referral needed (Maranirra Counselling Services) $90 Currently working from Southlakes Medical Group

Nathan Andreoli - Minister at Wyee SDA Church. Check out the Website of the Wyee Community Hub.

We will be available to you for confidential chats.

Doing Life Together group will recommence every school term. Thursdays 1-3pm


If you require more information, please email. 

In the Subject Line write "Doing Life Together".

Pehaps you would just like to chat with others in Peer Support Chat

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